Our company has been involved in mining activities since 2006. It started its transaction with talcum stone trade at first. Then, in 2010, it commenced a producing line by pulverising the talcum stone to produce talcum powder. The company aimed to grow by opening branch offices in Bulgaria in 2012. Our company, which made a success at its aim of growing, has its market shares in Balkan countries such as; Greece, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, and it does selling and marketing in these countries. In 2015, the company continued to grow by opening branches in Ukraine and adding phosphate, kaolin, dolomite, barite, fluorite and calcium carbonate to the product scale.

Company Vision:

To maximize the market share, and to achieve import & export targets successfully by taking interests of the company in the international market into consideration.

Company Mission:

Growing up with the mission of "good quality & good price" in mining trade and industry.